Baby Driver – Drove Me Crazy & I liked It

The movie your dad liked, your brother loved, and your boyfriend secretly aspires to be.


This movie has some of the most iconic songs on it’s soundtrack, and the movie is correlated with every beat. There is a unique perspective when watching Baby Driver and that is every turn, punch of the gas, tap of the finger is correlated with whatever song is playing and it is awesome.

The plot itself could have used a little more depth to it, but overall I really enjoyed the film. The movie takes a series of twists and turns that keep you on your toes and asking yourself “what’s next”?

I recommend this film for anyone who likes a good flick with good tunes. Perfect flick to see with your dad, boyfriend, or both.

Pairs well with… a new set of wheels (because you will want to start drifting in your 2012 prius)



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